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What Customers Had To Say...

March 2013

"...John over at EMW (am I allowed to abbreviate this? DIbs.) erased all of these fears and worries away. He was incredibly honest and forward in addressing my needs, and he doesn't hardsell you products and services you don't need the way the stealerships do. So when I went over to talk to John about my battery problem, he listened to me rant about frustrations this issue had caused me for the past few weeks, did a quick test, and found the problem within half an hour: turns out my previous mechanic didn't plug in the sensor cable at all and that prompted all sorts of error messages in the control system. The replaced battery wasn't registered either. John didn't even charge me at all for the service! 

But what is going to make me come back to EMW isn't because John used to be a certified BMW technician, or that he almost exclusively services bimmers, or that he is a really awesome guy to talk to. It's how he answered me when I asked his opinion about european cars.

"Well, I'm an enthusiast so...I like BMW."

Petrol heads, what more convincing do you need?

- Josh C. 

June 2012

"The coolant system in my E36 hit critical mass about half a mile from EMW, if there was ever a great place to have a breakdown, this is it.  I limped my poor 325 in the door on a Saturday morning as soon as they opened. I had no idea when they'd be able to get around to my car as I had no appointment and it was a weekend.  I shouldn't have worried they saw to me in minutes.

John, the owner, personally asked me what had gone wrong with my car, he listened carefully and let me explain the entire ordeal. He then told me they would take a look at what we were dealing with and they would call me at 11:00am with a prognosis. 11 on the dot and my phone was ringing with the details.  John listed very plainly the necessary repairs.  Since this is an older car there were some problems outside of the coolant system, but I felt no pressure to replace anything but what would get me back on the road. 

John and the EMW crew had my car ready by the end of business on monday, which was amazing.  I live 40 miles from this shop, and was depending on a friend to give me a lift back to my car, so if John hadn't delivered on time I would have been stranded.  Again expectations were exceeded.

John walked me through the repairs, the cost was right on with the quote he'd given me. I was amazed to see how much work they'd put in, my engine compartment was factory clean.  My 325 is running better than it has in years, and I'd had another BMW mechanic that was supposed to be keeping an eye on things for me.  Well EMW picked up the slack."

- Gavin P.

May 2012

"I came back to take care of some work that I knew I needed but put off until after tax season:
The upper valve cover gaskets were leaking and were replaced;
While the valve covers were removed, one of the timing chain guides was cracked.  Since the car has over 200K miles on it, I wasn't surprised that it was time for a timing chain replacement, especially since I don't remember ever doing one;
The engine valley coolant cover showed signs of coolant leakage so that gasket needed replacement;
The rear suspension upper control arms were worn out causing premature tire wear;
The rear rotors and brake pads were replaced;
This was a major overhaul which took about a week to do.  It was expensive -- about $5300 in parts, labor, and tax even with deep discounts on parts.  I also want to mention some of the things that John included in the job without charging me extra:
I drop shipped a new set of tires from the TireRack to EMW because I wanted to change out the set at the same time .  John did the mounting and balancing, and the 4 wheel alignment (which he would have done anyway with the replacement of the control arms);
The trunk latch spring had broken so that assembly was replaced;
During test driving, there was a sway bar that was noisy and was replaced;
Obviously all the oil and fluids were changed out as if a minor service was performed, the cabin air filters were replaced and the service indicator reset;
I had a problem with the intermittency sensor with the wipers since the windshield was replaced – turns out that the Safelite technician didn't reconnect the sensor correctly so John took care of this too;
On a separate occasion, my AC was not cooling -- John recharged the freon;
It turns out that rear Akebono pads that I requested don't fit my car (excessive chatter problem), so he changed them out with another low brake dust brand;
I can't put a price on trust and ease of mind, but these are some of the things that I have had John do for me."

- Lawrence L.

"I took my 2005 X5 at the end of April, my window's motor went out and would not go up at all (supposedly a known issue with BMWs - which sucks) but Peter was able to fix that and a few other things that needed to get done on my X5. They even replaced my windshield wipers for free and I just realized this when it rained last week, I bought new wipers at AutoZone to replace them, but now I can just return them =) Thanks guys!

I used to go to the dealer at Ontario Savage when my BMW was in warranty, then went to independent Taylor BMW in Pomona, and now that I found EMW, I will definitely go here first! I shopped around, and Taylor ends up being way more expensive than even the dealer prices and EMW was very reasonable, as I had a lot to get done on my X5 and Peter was very helpful the whole way through. I felt like my car was well taken care of and Peter explained everything in detail and he always asked for my approval before starting on anything. Even though you guys are a 40 min drive for me, I definitely think it's worth it to take care of my 2005 X5 (only the best for my baby). Thank you to Peter and the whole EMW crew! I will definitely come by next time I need another oil change, fix, mechanical issue, etc."

- Blufin L.

April 2011

"If you own a BMW and you want a good, honest mechanic (which is very hard to come by) I suggest you go to EMW. John and his crew are very friendly (except for some guy who answers the phone...he seems to get mad if you call to check up on your car...i didn't catch his name though) and knowledgeable. I walked in with a 318i that, according to another mechanic, was not worth the time and money to fix. A few days later, with a reasonable quote from John, I was peeling off on my way home! This guy is a surgeon when it comes to BMWs! Great Customer Service, Very Knowledgeable Staff, VERY CLEAN shop, Reasonable Prices! VERY Satisfied Customer. 5 Stars!  I highly recommend them!"

Thanks John!

- Nem. M

August 2011

"My husband and I both have BMWs. The service is great. My husband's car needed to get his tires changed and they were reasonably priced. My car later needed tires changed too and we went back to them. The owner himself found an even better deal on the tires than what my husband had to pay early this year. My tires were the same good quality. I love how the staff at EMW are very professional and timely in delivering promises."

- Joan B.

January 2011

"As good as it gets -- I''ve had a few bad experiences elsewhere but EMW restored my faith (Pep Boys installed a tire so badly it grew a dangerous air bubble, while Carmax dented my convertible in five places).
I'm a bit of a car idiot but EMW and owner John never once made me feel that way; he and Peter invariably explain everything patiently before advising me on the best (not costliest) course of action, trying to save me a couple bucks everytime. In fact, John once got on the horn with my warranty people and argued for hours to try and get me a better steering column that needed replacing.
What I like about EMW -- apart from their obvious proficiency -- is their evident passion for the world's finest driving machines (John's wife once told me he forbids anyone in the family from driving anything else), and their appreciation for customer loyalty.
Since I began bringing my BMW to them for major maintenance and repairs, they've done a slew of minor jobs for free -- everything from switching out bulbs and checking out problems with my grilfriend's Honda (!) to waiving labor costs when I'm obviously hard-up for cash. Sometimes they'll even share lunch with you if you've been waiting a while, or offer you a ride nearby.
It's too bad EMW is an exception rather than the rule in the world of auto mechanics. I would recommend this place every time.

P.S. they're cheaper than a dealership yes, but they openly admit they're not the cheapest to be found. Some reviewers had subtracted stars for pricing, but that's a bit like penalizing the Ritz Carlton's rates as compared with Super 8."

- Edwin C.

EMW, BMW top speciality shop in Los Angeles, BMW 1 series, BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, BMW 6 series, BMW 7 series, BMW 8 series, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW Z3, BMW Z4, BMW racing, BMW M power
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