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About EMW

European Motor Works...

     was founded in 2003 by John Handal, a Certified BMW Master Technician. He has completed vigorous training courses with BMW of North America during his nine years at New Century BMW, Alhambra, learning details specifics from the 3 series to the M cars.

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     Always knowing that he wanted to work with cars, John obtained an Automotive Engineering Degree from England in 1988. Since his college days, John has worked with all types of European cars from Ferraris to Mercedes, but the car that he couldn’t get enough of was the BMW. From the way it drove to the genius engineering that molded the car, he became passionate about BMWs.



      by having highly trained technicians, specializing in BMWs, to using the top of the line diagnostic equipment,  you can expect only high quality work from us. More importantly, our number one priority here is to provide the ultimate service. You can see that from how clean our facility is to our afterhours emergency hotline, where customers can call if they face car problems after our business hours. So the next time your BMW or Mini has a problem,  bring it to EMW. Big or small, we guarantee you that we’ll be able to fix any problems you bring our way.

     To further his passion, John opened his own shop, EMW (European Motor Works) in Arcadia. With EMW, it allowed him to create a one stop shop for all BMW and Mini needs where he was able to work on BMWs without limitations as well as share his knowledge and experience with his customers on a one-to-one basis. It also allowed him to further another passion of his, car racing, giving him the freedom to build his own race car, an S54 E36 M3. This enhanced and sharpened his knowledge of BMWs and gave him the skills to effectively work on high performance jobs.

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